Overlooking the Waitaki River

Kurow Hill Climb

The township of Kurow sits beside the Waitaki River on the mountainous South island of New Zealand. Boasting a population of 312 ( according to wikipedia ) there is a pub, a foursquare supermarket and a few cafes in the main street.

Most visitors to the area come to visit the river and the nearby lakes. With the local limestone soils adding in a few local orchards and wineries to the mix.

But on our particular visit there was no time for any of that! We had come to town for groceries and to conquer the Kurow Hill Walking track.

Kurow Hill Walkway is pretty short at 1.1km each way. But its the first time I have had an ascent described to me as a “Huffy Puffy Hill”

Starting from the end of Grey St in, the walkway is a fairly short one. Talking about 1/2 hour to walk each direction, don’t let the length lure you into a false sense of confidence though. In its 1.1km distance to the top the track gains and impressive 281m in altitude!

Armchairs are dotted along the path at regular intervals offering visitors a chance to sit down and catch their breath. While I didn’t need the arm chairs for R & R, I did find myself marvelling at the endurance of those that had to carry them up the hill to begin with.

Overlooking the township of Kurow
Finally at the top and rewarded with amazing views of the valley down below.

After not too much “huffing and puffing” the anticipated arrival at the summit. A park bench is provided for you regain your composure while you take in the views of the surrounding area.

Kurow Hill Walkway Track Log

The descent is just the track in reverse and soon enough we find ourselves back in town to do some shopping before moving on.