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    Gulf Brewery – Hahndorf

    When most people think of beer in the tourist village of Hahndorf near Adelaide. They tend to picture frothy steins of German beer accompanied by a pretzel or mammoth sized schnitzel at the German Arms or the Hahndorf. But located in a small stone cottage on the main street is the Gulf Brewery. A craft beer destination for some locally brewed beer in a street dominated by German mega brews. The brewery offers visitors a variety of freshly brewed beers and ciders. Along with a variety of pizzas to help soak up the booze. The beer range is great with a bit of German slant to fit in with the…

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    Diving Rapid Bay

    If you ask anyone about places to dive in South Australia you are more than likely to hear about Rapid Bay. The reason for this is simple with the dive site hosting a massive variety of marine life, including the Leafy Sea Dragon which is the state marine emblem for South Australia. even goes as far as rating Rapid Bay as the 6th best dive site on their 9 world’s best dives article. The dive itself follows an old wharf that was used to load limestone from a mine onto ships. It is fairly shallow dive with a max depth of around 10m near the end of the wharf.…

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    Rapid Bay – South Australia

    Located 90 minutes drive South of Adelaide the the small township of Rapid Bay is nestled between the ocean and undulating farmland. It provides an easy to reach getaway for ocean lovers whilst still not drawing overwhelming crowds. Originally constructed by the mining behemoth BHP in the late 1930’s, the town and the long wharf was built for the purpose of shipping Limestone from their mine on the headland. The jetty ceased commercial use in 1991 but remained a popular spot for land based fishermen afterwards. In 2004 the jetty suffered extensive damage due to storms and public access was eventually limited due to safety concerns. But a new jetty…