• Gebbies Pass

    Gebbies Pass to Packhorse Hut

    Covid19 restrictions were recently down graded to level 2 in New Zealand. Offering a return to normalcy for most of the population after an extended confinement in their homes. So what better way to celebrate than heading outdoors for a hike? Located an easy 30 – 40 minutes drive South of Christchurch we arrived to a full parking area. Getting some time outdoors was not an original thought it seems, so we had to park a bit further up the road. Not sure if the hike is normally this popular, or if it was just the timing of events that had half of the Canterbury keen to escape their houses.…

  • Dreamtime Ute

    Buying a Car for Travel

    So you have landed in a new country, and a car is needed to explore your new temporary homeland. But funds are limited so you will need to avoid getting ripped off while also minimising the risk of breakdown and expensive repairs in the future. This guide will walk you through some of the finer points of the pre purchase car inspection. Cars are an expensive part of any budget and while you cannot completely eliminate the risk associated with a purchase you can at least try and tip the odds in your favour! Define the Search Scope First up you need to look at your needs and decide what…